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Au Gres-Sims School District Non-Homestead Operating Millage Renewal

No impact on primary residence taxes

The Au Gres-Sims School District Board of Education has approved placing a non-homestead operating millage renewal on the August 2nd ballot. All registered voters living in the Au Gres-Sims Schools District can vote on this proposal.

The millage renewal only applies to non-homesteads (businesses, rental properties, vacant land, and second homes). If approved by voters, there will be no change in the tax rate on primary residences (the home in which you live) NONE!

The purpose of the millage is to enable the school district to levy the required 18 mills as required by the State of Michigan. Michigan law requires school districts to levy this millage to receive their full share of State Aid or to be “made whole.”

This election is important to Au Gres-Sims School District because the non-homestead millage generates 42 percent of the school district’s operating budget. If the millage renewal is not approved this year, State Aid will be reduced by more than $5,586 per student (approximately $2,324,380 in total). This reduction would result in the school district making significant reductions in the educational program.

All registered voters living in the Au Gres-Sims School District can vote in the non-homestead millage renewal election on August 2nd or by absentee ballot after June 23rd through Election Day. To find your Clerk’s Office, voting location, or apply for an absentee ballot, go to

If you need more information, voters are encouraged to go to and click on Millage Renewal Election, call any Au Gres-Sims School Administrator, or contact Superintendent Chris Ming at 989/876-7150 or by email at

Millage Renewal Election Fact Card