• All students must have a vegetable or a fruit on their trays. They may have both but must have at least one or the other.

  • Elementary and MS students may take as many vegetables as they wish.

  • HS students may take up to 1 cup of fruit and 1 cup or more of vegetables daily.

  • Fruits will be fresh, frozen or dried with no sugar added, or canned packed in light syrup, fruit juice, or unsweetened.

  • There will be more vegetables from the dark green, red, orange, legumes (dry beans) groups.

  • There will be fewer vegetables from the starchy vegetable group of potatoes, corn, green peas, and lima beans.

  • Breads/starch servings have been reduced from a maximum of 10 a week to 9 a week for K-5th graders , a maximum of 12 a week to 10 a week for 6-8th graders, and a maximum of 15 a week to 12 a week for 9-12th graders. We may serve more bread/starch servings as long as we don’t exceed the average calorie limit per week.

  • We will be serving over 51% whole grains for the 2013-2014 school year.

  • Meat/protein servings will be 1 oz a day minimum, up to 8-10 a week for K-5th graders, up to 9-10 a week for 6-8th graders, and 2 oz a day minimum, up to 10-12 a week for 9-12th graders with no more than 10% of total calories from saturated fats and no trans- fats. We may serve more meat/protein per week as long as we don’t exceed the average calorie limit per week.

  • Milk will be unflavored or flavored skim milk or 1% white milk.

With these many changes, you can see that we will be offering more fruits and vegetables and fewer bread and grain products, along with fewer proteins and fats. The USDA wants students to learn the new MY PLATE and try more healthy fruits and vegetables in the coming years.

Look for new recipe ideas coming this year to help our Food Service program incorporate more fruits, vegetables, and lean meat/protein choices into our menus.

The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, Au Gres Sims Schools, and the community will help our students become healthier.