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Au Gres-Sims School District

$20.14 fee covers the school year
$0 deductible
The Serial Number is on the back of the Chromebook says SERVICE TAG (S/N):

Never worry about theft or accidental damage to your child’s Chromebook again!
Get comprehensive insurance from Safeware!

Go to: my.safeware.com (not www.safeware.com)
User ID: ags
Password: augres
Portal is open: 8/28/2018 to 9/19/2018
This will be a School policy. The School will receive enrollment list.


Chrome Sync

One of the features of using the Google Chrome browser is the ability to sign into Google Chrome and use Chrome Sync.

This gives you the ability to sync your data, extensions, passwords, web history, etc. across multiple computers. It makes it nice to be able to find websites you visited or bookmarks you use on different computers.

Chromebooks have this feature built in. You can sign into any Chromebook and all your settings will follow you. As long as you sign into a Chromebook with the same account, all settings will follow you.

A problem can arise though if you use a shared account on your computer at home. If you student signs into Google Chrome with their account, any sites visited by anyone on that computer will show up in their history on their Chromebook. This is two way communication though, so you can also see what they are doing on their Chromebook.

Chrome does allow multiple people to sign in so that you can switch accounts. Each account is separate, so no one can see what the other person is doing.

For more information please visit this website from Google.

Why sign in to Chrome